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Colour influences everything we do. Nicoline Kinch is the award winning inventor and founder of Kolormondo, colours presented in 3D; in a globe. She is also an experienced speaker. In her talks on colour, she presents the latest research on how colors affects us and how our brains surprisingly, are not at all doing what they are supposed to.

Did you for instance know that there is one colour that is more successful than others in sports? And which colour should a woman wear to be the most attractive to men? Have you ever contemplated what colour your bedroom walls have in the dark night?

lecture Nicoline

Who is this for?
This lecture and/or workshop is crucial for staff groups or students involved with creativity – and doesn´t that include just about everybody..? The lecture and workshop can be held in Swedish, English and French, and, with some extra preparation, also in Esperanto.

For more information and prices please contact sara@kolormondo.com or +46 (0)708 62 40 68.

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