All designers should buy.
Tony Pritchard,London College of Communication

People struggle to understand the 3 dimensions of the color, especially chroma. I always wished I had a 3D model to show it. So I was more than happy when I found Kolormondo.
Marion Peker, Adidas 

My class have played with Kolormondo, discovering how color is understood
Thomas Bosket, Parsons, New York

Kolormondo is just beautiful. What an attractive and organized “kit.” It’s a learning experience just to open the envelope.
Olivia Gude, School of Art and Art History, University of Illinois, Chicago
Two words.. Mind Blown. I highly recommend this for all teachers, professors, and art students.
Renee Weekley ,Tacoma, Washington 

As we are working to design our hair color, Kolomondo is a massive help for Hairdressers.
Martina Brand, Global education, Wella
The colour globe is such a great idea; so simple - as all the best ideas are!
Patrick Gottelier, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

I use Kolormondo to demonstrate when altering paint colour, there are 3 possibilities, Hue, Chroma and Value.Thank you and congratulations on this fantastic concept. 
Scott Henderson, PPG Architectural Coatings, Wellington, New Zealand

Je souhaiterai utiliser vos produits pour mes cours de couleur à l’Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris.
 Philippe ROALDES, Professeur EnsAD, Design Couleur A3DC

Kolormondo is the BEST tool there is to demonstrate the three-dimensions (hue, value, chroma) of color. It effectively corrects the misconception that “color wheels don’t included neutrals”. Assembling Kolormondo provides an invaluable tactile, hands-on learning experience with a fun gamification element
Lori Sawaya, Color Strategist 

I use your 3D globe to introduce the 3 colour dimensions to students
João Nuno Pernão, Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design, Lisbon 

I teach hair colour theory to colourists. Kolormondo will allow me to bring the colour wheel to life in a way I haven’t been able to before.
CHELSEA MANN, Education Trainer, Coty Inc/Wella, Canada
I LOVE my Kolormondo globe                                                                    Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director, Dulux