Don´t you think that is a wonderful way of describing how important knowing color theory is to a hairdresser! To be able to call yourself a hair colorist, you need to be be MOST predictable with color results. There's SO many color paths we can use to mix and create with as hair colorists behind the chair.

The color wheel, is one of the few teaching tools so far.  But thinking of color in a 3D model is crucial.  Kolormondo, with our 3D color wheel is a revolution that makes understanding color theory so much easier: you can see colors not just around the wheel or across the wheel on the same plane... but through it in ALL kinds of ways! Up, across, up and across, circular, circular up and across, down and across, ...etc etc...

Once you know how and why, you'll be off and running. Those 3 dimensions flow thru everything we do in color, even when we're creating lift in the hair.  The more you understand these 3 dimensions, the easier everything else can become.  

We must go beyond identifying a color just by its hue (yellow, blue, orange etc). Value is equally important, it describes how dark or light a color is – traveling up and down in the globe. Saturation is the third dimension, it goes from the outside to the greyish inside of the globe, so that a red – for instance – gradually becomes grey.  

Thus, each Color has three properties. These three properties fully define a color so you know EXACTLY what color you're working with. They're like coordinates on this 3D color map.

Without knowing all 3 properties of a color, you really don't know exactly what color you're working with...you don't have all the coordinates to locate it. And when you start combining colors to create new ones, you need to know the 3 properties of BOTH colors so you get a very purposeful color result or outcome.


“I absolutly love the globes. They´re perfect! What a brilliant invention.”
Ian Mayer-Marszalek Senior National Corporate Trainer PPS and ASK Manager USA, Henkel Beauty Care North America, Schwarzkopf Professional

Hair dresser educators that work in ALL different levels of education come to classes from ALL over the world... from independent educators, to stylists from different color brands from the field as well as the corporate side.  Hair colorists using different major brands – Schwarzkopf, Wella, L’Oreal etc - are using Kolormondo ´s 3D color wheel to understand color theory.

If you want to learn more directly from a hair colorist, have a look for instance at Headlesshairdesser's TikTok film that got over 46 000 likes.


“Introducing Kolormondo to my color sessions have been game changing. I can go into much more depth and the students learning of how tone impacts our overall results improves.”
Kelly Furnival, Educator, KF Hair Education