One should not brag. But when people repeatedly tells you how happy they are about your stuff, it is hard not to…. We recently received this photo of Kolormondo Pro on a pedestal (!). Suits our mood well (lol). It is published on Instagram by dcarvalho.ana from Colombia. She says “I just love this wonderful tool that you design! Thank you for creating it for all the color lovers of the world!”

And then we had this wonderful email from Jennifer Jones, a US teacher:

“I happened to find a rave review of Kolormondo spheres when searching for new ideas to teach my class about color theory. The post was from six years ago on The Art of Education (https://theartofeducation.edu/2015/02/17/a-revolutionary-tool-for-teaching-color/). Can’t wait to receive the materials so we can put the spheres together in class. I appreciate such wonderful resources – and thank you for providing great customer service!”

As if that was not enough we received this from another happy customer. Petronio Bendito, Associate Professor of Visual Communication Design, Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance
Purdue University, IN, USA:

“Kolormondo is an engaging tool to introduce color properties and relationships with the aid of a physical 3D model. Its scientific basis, coupled with its simplicity, makes it an attractive educational tool for many academic subjects and learners of all ages.I found them on Dickblick while looking for a “color wheel” to give to my students. I normally give students a color wheel in every class. I was excited to find a 3d model, instead. We got 30 units. Great idea! I will use it again next year!”

So proud and happy that we can help to spread colour understanding across the world and in all sorts of situations – and ages.