Has the global post system collapsed?

Kolormondo, like most companies, have been hit by fewer orders since March. This is something we can live we, we trust that the interest and need for basic colour understanding will soon be back. However, what we did not understand is the extent to which the orders that are still being made, do not arrive at their destination. Global postal services seems to have gone to sleep….. If you are still waiting for a Kolormondo, that you have paid for and correctly feel should arrive quickly, we can only apologize. There most be tons of letters and packages piling up – who knows where, some of them containing Kolormondo colour globes.

So the only thing we could do, other then to resend (completely useless, we have come to realize…..) is start doing tracked shipping. Annoying! It makes the costs increase. We can only promise that when things are back to normal, it will be less expensive to order our products.