• International design for all!

    Foundation award ceremony with Kolormondo

    International Design for All Foundation Award Ceremony 2016On 22 March 2016, during the Urbaccess fair in Paris, the Design for All Foundation award ceremony took place.  For the 7th edition of the awards, the Foundation awarded a total of 36 projects/products from 12 different countries as “Good Practices 2015”. Kolormondo was one of the lucky awarded Projects.

  • A new color tool from Kolormondo


    We are happy to present  Kolormondo® 570 – a tool for professional colour users: interior and graphic designers, architects, product developers, home decorators, florists. The list is endless.

    Kolormondo® 570 inspires when looking for new combinations of colours and is also ideal for finding complementary colours. It will help identify a colour – and what it consists of – by looking at its neighbours.  Kolormondo® 570 complements whatever colour tools from  Pantone, NCS, RAL etc you use at the moment,. When you have chosen a colour in the globe, it can be compared with  your regular fan deck to get codes and specifications.

    The globe has 570 colours, is 29 cm in diameter and consists of 5 round pieces and 6 wedges. It is made of durable recycable PP-plastic. Just like the other Kolormondo products, it comes in a flat package and can be built and rebuilt many times. It is made in Sweden.

    We are happy to take orders in the webshop http://kolormondo.tictail.com/product/kolormondo-570. For bigger quantities, contact us directly for a quote!

  • London calling! Kolormondo at Olympia

    On March 9 you have the chance to see Kolormondo at Olympia, London.  Janet Best is a fashion colour specialist at the intersection of design, science, and retail industries. As Head of Colour with Marks & Spencer, Janet’s continued passion for sharing colour knowledge continues with many global brands: Burberry, Hugo Boss, natific AG, Samsung. Editor and co-author of the globally acclaimed colour book “Colour design Theories and applications,” Janet travels the world for trends research/conference speaker/university lecturer/creating inspirational and educational colour workshops for the industry.

    In her workshops, she often lets the audience build a Kolormondo colour globe, and she has promised to do so also at this occasion.

  • 4 Patent!

    Hurray, we have now received the fourth Kolormondo patent!

  • We love color books


    There is now a new book on colour: Roy Osborne has just published Books on Colour 1495-2015. History and Bibliography.

    It includes listings of 3200 books on colour! That is an Amazing number of books. They are organised under 27 general headings. How many headings can you guess?

    The headings  are  Architecture, Chemistry, Classification, Colorants, Computing & Television, Decoration, Design, Dress & Cosmetics, Dyeing, Flora & Fauna, Food, Glass, History, Lighting, Metrology, Music, Optics, Painting, Perception, Phi-losophy, Photography & Cinema, Printing, Psychology, Symbolism, Terminology, Therapy and Vision.

  • Patent nr. 3 for Kolormondo!


    We have just received the third Kolormondo patent. Proud and happy.