• Proud sponsor of the Munsell Centennial

    Kolormondo is a sponsor of the Munsell Centennial Symposium in Boston in June. As you can see, we are in good company.

    We have also contributed to the content of the symposium, by writing a paper called  “Colour illiteracy makes colour communication unnecessarily difficult” that we hope will be accepted. If interested, please contact us for a copy. And/or join in at the Conference, early registration is open, the programme is very promising. Read more here:  https://munsell2018.org/

  • Kolormondo Mini Colour Globe is finally here!

    We sent out a newsletter announcing the arrival of the new Kolormondo Mini Colour Globe app 10 days ago. since then, we have been doing nothing else bot packing and sending, sending and packing. We are overwhelmed by the interest in this latest member of the Kolormondo family. The idea was to provide a small affordable colour globe, for students and as a gift and give-away, but we could not hope for such a great success. The Mini is already in all corners of this world. If you are interested, too, find out more here http://kolormondo.tictail.com/product/mini-colour-globe-by-kolormondo – we still have some left of the first batch……




  • Do you want a Master´s degree in colour?


    Spend a year in Milan, getting a Master´s degree in Color Design & Technology; what a wonderful idea! Read more here:


  • Colour in business!

    A few days ago I had the pleasure to lecture and hold a workshop at Jönköping International Business School. The students profited, as did I, from discussing the future possibilities of the company, Kolormondo AB. Thanks for your help and good ideas


  • The haptic aspects of colour

    Just came across an interesting article on “Colour as content, not surface”. It is written by Timo Rieke on Linked In.  Here is a short extract

    “………. Colours appear rough or smooth, soft or hard, sharp or rounded, heavy or light, or flat or spatial. To understand the meanings of colours, it can be useful to understand sight as a sort of touch, but also as a type of hearing and smelling at a distance………In the visual arts, colour also serves to alter the impression of materiality, space and feel…..! Read the full article  here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/colour-research-engl-timo-rieke/



  • Kolormondo inventor nominated

    The inventor and owner of Kolormondo, Nicoline Kinch, has been nominated to the Swedish award “Årets entreprenör” (“Entrepreneur of the year”.)

    The nomination says

    ….. Nicoline has cultivated a core vision for Kolormondo that she does not compromise on. Beyond just making profits, she strives to cure as many people as possible from what she calls color illiteracy. It is this compelling vision that fuels her passion and drives thecontinuous development of Kolormondo’s product portfolio. 

    So, keep your fingers crossed for Nicoline!

  • Bird egg colouration – does it matter?

    and what about the colour of dinosaur    eggs….. ? Here is a surprisingly interesting article on this subject:


  • Does colour affect you? – Yes it does!

    In a very interesting article, Professor, Chair of Colour Science and Technology, University of Leeds, explains how colour affect us. It is in fact true that red makes your heart beat faster!