This is the first of a series of quotes, interesting things that people from all sorts of backgrounds, and from all over the world, has said about Kolormondo. Prof Osvaldo da Pos, was one of the first colour scientist to officially embrace Kolormondo. This ment – means – a lot to us! Professor Osvaldo field is psychology.

    Racha Ghariri is an Algerian architect, with a special interest in colour.


  • Munsell Colour System – new fandeck is here

    Are you interested in the Munsell colour system? Then yo might be interested in the new Munsell Maximum Chromas fandeck. produced by Nikki Bogardus of PrismXII. Get more info here:  http://prismxii.com/wp/product/munsell-maximum-chromas-color-fan/

  • Colour super deal for teachers during November

    Kolormondo is presenting a superdeal for teachers during November. Read more here: https://kolormondo.tictail.com/product/teachers-special-limited-period

  • Colour theory for 2-year-olds!

    Start teaching colour theory with kids from the age of 2!  And we promise that you – and your parents –  will also have fun! Buy the Lesson plan “Monster Trucks” from  the Kolormondo webshop, get the pdf – and start enjoying it. We also trust that you will like the price,  SEK 29 = just under 3 Euro = just over US$3.


  • Munsell Centennial Color Symposium in Boston – about to begin

    Kolormondo is a proud sponsor and a curious and happy attendee at the historical Jubilee Celebration of Albert Munsell, the important colour  artist, scientist and teacher. 200 colour professionals from all over the world are now gathering in Boston at the very same institution where Munsell was teaching, Massachusetts College of Art & Design for a week of intensive learning and exchange of ideas.

    Kolormondo is contributing as best as we can, among other things with a poster on “color illiteracy”.

    Read more here www.munsell2018.org

  • New! Poster explaining colour in 3D

    Finally, we have now produced a poster explaining the “why” and “how” of colour in 3D. It also shows the relationship of  CMY and RGB.

    When you order it in the webshop (kolormondo.tictail.com) we email it to you, so that you can print it in your preferred size.

  • The colour red

    “The color of your body — and love

    Red is our color. Our bodies produce 2 million red blood cells every single second. Many creation myths claim that the first humans were made from red earth. The name Adam is derived from the Hebrew word for red. Humans are some of the only mammals who can see red.
    We need the color red because it has a powerful effect on our brains. Scientific studies have found that the color makes us stronger, more alert, more competitive.
    Many of us get red in the face from increased blood flow when we are angry, flushing from embarrassment or blushing after being given a compliment.
    Red can also make us appear more attractive to one another, which is why red lipstick is on billions of lips.”
    This is an extract from https://edition.cnn.com/2018/04/26/health/colorscope-benefits-of-a-colorful-life/index.html.
  • Kolormondo and Color theory in new podcast



    Do you want to learn more on color theory?

    “The Art of Education (AOE) is an innovative higher learning institution committed to delivering amazing professional development to art educators everywhere.” A couple of years ago AOE had an article presenting Kolormondo, as “a revolutionary way to teach color”. Now, Tim Bogatz of AOE has produced 2 podcasts on color theory, interviewing Maggie Maggio, who is the educational consultant of Kolormondo. Maggie knows everything you need to know about color – and a lot more – and the podcast is strongly recommended. Enjoy! Not only because Maggie speaks of the need of a 3D color model, such as ours. She also explains why CMY should replace RYB. And much, much more.

    Art Ed Radio