• Soon on Formex


    One week from now, Formex, “the leading Nordic design arena” opens its doors. You will find Kolormondo here and there at the show, in particular at our small booth AG:53G.
    This is the formal launch for the Swedish market of the latest Kolormondo product, the Mini.
    Hope to see you there!


  • On Kolormondo

  • Together we create a colourful world

    Love this picture! Together we create wonders!

    Let it serve as a symbol for what we wish ourselves and everybody for 2019

  • Colourful greetings from Australia


    This is the first of a series of quotes, interesting things that people from all sorts of backgrounds, and from all over the world, has said about Kolormondo. Prof Osvaldo da Pos, was one of the first colour scientist to officially embrace Kolormondo. This ment – means – a lot to us! Professor Osvaldo field is psychology.

    Racha Ghariri is an Algerian architect, with a special interest in colour.


  • Munsell Colour System – new fandeck is here

    Are you interested in the Munsell colour system? Then yo might be interested in the new Munsell Maximum Chromas fandeck. produced by Nikki Bogardus of PrismXII. Get more info here:  http://prismxii.com/wp/product/munsell-maximum-chromas-color-fan/

  • Colour super deal for teachers during November

    Kolormondo is presenting a superdeal for teachers during November. Read more here: https://kolormondo.tictail.com/product/teachers-special-limited-period