Kolormondo® Pro

Get inspired. Find the right colour. Make colour matches.

The newest product in the Kolormondo family is Kolormondo® Pro. This is a tool for professional colour users: interior and graphic designers, architects, product developers, home decorators, florists – the list is endless.

Kolormondo® Pro has CMY and NCS codes for each colour. It complements whatever colour tools you use at the moment. It is ideal for finding complementary colours and inspires when looking for new combinations of colours.

Each colour in Kolormondo Pro can be identified by its code., in CMY or NCS. The NCS codes are approximations only. Please compare with a NCS sample before making final choices.

Kolormondo® Pro is 30 cm in diameter. It consists of 5 round pieces and 6 wedges. It can be built and rebuilt many times. Offset printing on 170 gr Galerie Art Silk. ISO guaranteed printing quality (ISO 12647-2). Made in Sweden.

Kolormondo 570 förpackning och glob


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