Colour fun in the hammock? Play Huedoku!

If you are trying to relax in the hammock, but can´t stop fiddling with your smart phone, well, then do something both fun and useful: download Houdoku or SameSameOrDifferent.  You will be surprised how difficult it is. AND fun!

Additionally you might want to go to – created by the same guy, Gabe Mott – to get explanations and facts on all the magic of color. Recommended!

Here is an example. Look at the  32 poles in these 2 pictures
blaa  gul


Backgrounds are clearly different, one is blue and one is yellow. But what about the poles? What do you think? Are they yellow or blue? Are they the same or different?

Well, actually, giving them a neutral background,  this is what they look like: They are the same in the two pictures and they are neither all blue, nor all yellow…..


So. if you are in the hammock, or wherever you are, we hope you will enjoy your summer. Having fun with color and with all the rest that life can bring.

From the Midnight sun of Sweden