• Who loves colour?


    In a survey  in our recent crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, we asked our backers about their interest for Kolormondo. And it is amazing how many kinds of backgrounds their are, that leads to colour… we have interior designers, photograpers, scientists, art teachers, polymer clay artists, hair stylists, jewelry designers, yarn producers and many others among our backers. And they will be the first to receive the new Kolormondo Pro.

    We are now assembling the products in their packaging and will soon be sending them out to Australia, Canada,Denmark, Finland, France, Italy,  Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia,South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA

  • Last chance:get before Christmas. Kickstarter campaign expires

    We are so proud, happy and grateful for all the support we have received at Kickstarter for the production of Kolormondo Pro. The goal has been more than succesfully achieved, but there are still rewards to be picked up. So hurry up, if you want to have one  before Christmas. Or why not have a  look at the Christmas Special reward?

  • Learn more on colour!

    Want to become professional in colour? Here is yur chance: The Polytechnic in Milan is offering a master programme! color_locandina-lab_2016_eng_v4_r


    We are happy to finally have a campaign on Kickstarter for  the production of Kolormondo Pro, our new product with CMY and NCS codes. Please have a look here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/463267157/kolormondo-pro-intuitive-colour-with-cmy-ncs-color All support greatly appreciated!


  • Wow is colour difficult…..!

    If you find colour difficult, you are not alone! In a  recent study with soon-to-be colour professionals – textile MA students at prestigious Royal College of Art in London –  it turns out they have very poor knowledge of colour terms.

    Over 60% of the students are not familiar with  “additive colour”. 90% are not familiar with “CIE space”. “Munsell” and “NCS” is unfamiliar to over 80% of the respondents. Over 60 % are unfamiliar with “wavelength”.  etc. Almost 60% however, could give a full description of the term “moodboard”.

    Well, do you have to know these terms? No, of course not. But colour does not come only from moodboards, colour is technically very specific, scientific and precise. Do you have to know what words mean to write a novel?  No…… or?

    Kolormondo is like an ABC book for  basic understanding of colour theory.  And it can be used as a bridge and a reference bwetween experts  – with all their complicated terms  – and the beginner. Once you have come across a Kolormondo colour sphere, it is easier to understand what  CIE, NCS, Munsell etc is

    I wonder if the students would be able to give a full description of “saturation”?


  • What colour is your shadow?

    Do you think your shadow is black?

    In this beautiful picture two young ladies, Hillevi and Elna, show that that is not necessarily the case.


  • COLOR FOR EVERYONE – supported by Kolormondo

    We just supported this project on Kickstarter:

  • Wrong colour? it costs a fortune!

    One third of all manufactured pieces of clothes in the world are never sold. One third! Think about how big the clothing industry is. Think about how environmentally harming this industry is. And one third of it goes to landfilling……. It is chocking and worrying, I think you agree!

    Why is it like that? What can be done about it. It costs a fortune for the companies involved and therefor for the customers. And in particular, our environment pays a high price for thisstate of things.

    Here at the PICS 2016 (Progress in Colour Studies ) conference in London, colour management specialist Janet Best spoke on this subject yesterday. One explanation is colour. In the picture below, you see first a colour chosen by a designer (“standard”) and how it gradually deteriorates during the production process  – risking to be rejected by the the client.

    So,  good colour managment is needed.

    And this, in our experience, starts with good colour understanding…………

    Color-Standard-avoid-this_natific AG

    (picture from www.natific.com)

  • Support Colours of Babel at Kickstarter

    This Kickstarter-campaign has just been launched and we have already supported it. Join in!

  • Off to PICS conference in London


    PICS is short for “Progress in Colour Studies”; an annual conference at University College, London, coming up this weekWe are happy to be able to participate. Have a look at the programme, I think you will be amazed at the great variation:

    • vision, perception, cognition, memory
    • linguistics, psycholinguistics
    • design, fashion
    • architecture, art, history, heritage, culture
    • imaging, computation, analysis, modelling
    • illumination, optics, photography, technology
    • conservation, chemistry, materials, surfaces                                                                                                                       are some of the subjects covered.  http://pics2016.uk/. We will report some of the hightlights here.